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Why Kyoto?

Ancient capital which had been more than a thousand years

Japan has one of the longest imperial families and it is existing still now.
Since they moved to Kyoto more than a thousand years ago, Kyoto had been the center of Japan.

Here is the best sightseeing place in Japan. You will find a lot of colorful shrines, quiet temples and beautiful town. Kyoto is listed as World Heritage.
You can also enjoy the shopping to buy Japanese traditional souvenirs, like paper products, tea-ceremony supplies, traditional wearing 'Kimono' and etc.

Where is Kyoto?

West from Tokyo, nearby Osaka

Kyoto is on the Tokaido-Shinkansen (bullet train) line, so the best way from Tokyo to Kyoto is Shinkansen. It takes about 2 and half hours and you can enjoy the view of Mt. Fuji on the way. If you take Shinkansen, "Japan Rail Pass" is very useful and reasonable.
From Osaka it takes less than 1 hour by local train.
Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe and Nara are good sightseeing places in this area.

Popular sightseeing places

To-ji Temple

In the last 8th century Japanese capital moved to Kyoto, then To-ji temple founded as a guardian temple. This temple was located at the east front of Kyoto at that day, so "To-ji" means "East temple".
We can see the pagoda from Shinkansen, which is 15 minutes' walk from Kyoto station. You can see many artistic Buddhism statues and also enjoy the antique market.

Fushimi Inari Shrine

You often see a pair of foxes in the front of Shrine. They are called "Inari". Japanese people believed that foxes have mysterious power to take the shape of human and tricked people. Fushimi Inari Shrine is the top of the numerous Inari shrines.
Here is the most popular shrine for foreigners because it has special atmosphere. See more

Nijo Castle

Nijo castle is the Kyoto residence of Tokugawa shogunate. It is used not for military purpose but for political purpose. That is why it is gorgeous.
Kyoto had been the capital from the end of 8th to the end of 12th century which is called 'Heian' period. During this period Japanese emperor and noble families had kept the power. After that, regional lords had risen and weakened the central authority. Finally Tokugawa shogunate had established the government in Edo (Tokyo).
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