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Recommended Route of Sightseeing

Here is my recomended route of sightseeing.

1st Day

Full-Day Sightseeing Tour. It covers famous sightseeng places. (refer to Ranking)

Kyoto Full-Day Sightseeing Tour including Nijo Castle and Kiyomizu Temple - $112.22
from: Viator

Kyoto Imperial Palace
Heian Shrine

2nd Day

Walking around Kyoto Sation.
Famous faschinating temple "To-ji Temple" is near Kyoto Station. If you would like to enjoy various Buddhism statues, To-ji Temple is a good place.
From Kyoto Tower you can look down Kyoto City including the places you saw in 1st day. You can explore the huge bath and restaurants in the building as well. Kyoto Tower is in front of Kyoto Station.

To-ji Temple
Kyoto Tower

Attending cooking class is also pleasant.
Japanese food is getting popular all over the world. It has variety of foods, for example many kinds of noodle, a various see food like Sushi, Tempura and so on. And it offers seasonal healthy dishes.
Learn how to cook Sushi and Tempura, and enjoy the dishes.

Private Sushi and Tempura Cooking Class at a Local Kyoto Home - $109.76
from: Viator

After enjoying lunch, take a half day tour.
You can find various ingenious atmosphere in the tour.
At Fushimi Inari Shrine there are many red Torii.
The garden in Tofuku-ji doesn't have water but stones imitate beautiful water flow. This is one of Japanese garden style.
Gion is another world. Wealthy people enjoy dinner here. Geisha perform in front of them.

Half Day Small-Group Kyoto Cultural Tour - $44.26
from: Viator


3rd Day

After enjoying Japanese traditional culture enoughly, why don't you go to see Japanese monkey? (refer to Ranking)
From this Arashiyama Monkey Park to Nishiki Market "Hankyu Line" is convienient.
Play with monkeys and then enjoy shopping.

Access from Arashiyama Monkey Park to Nishiki Market
Take Hankyu Arashiyama Line at Arashiyama Station(HK98). Change to Hankyu Kyoto Line at Katsura Station(HK81) heading for Kawaramachi Station(HK86). Get off at Karasuma Station(H85).
Totally it takes half a hour including walk. Link to Google Map

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